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Information Technology Courses
CommLab University understands the significance of IT applications in the present business landscape and considers it an imperative pillar to stay ahead in any industry.
MS-Office Tutorials:
MS-Outlook 2007
This course enables users to manage their messages, e-mail, appointments, etc. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 provides the user with a comprehensive Time And Information Manager. By using new features such as Instant Search and the To-Do Bar, the learner can organize and instantly locate the required information. With new calendar-sharing capabilities, Office Outlook 2007 makes it easier for the user to prioritize and control your time, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most. It has a customizable Navigation Menu which helps you to get around to different features of Outlook quickly and easily. Flagging helps to remind you of your to-do list, while, Categorizing helps you separate your personal and official messages.
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MS-Excel 2007
This course serves as a primer on an Excel spreadsheet and its importance in different work places. It introduces a new feature "Ribbon" and explains the different options present in it. It also elaborates the features in Office Button and demonstrates the methodology of workin-with features such as Excel formulas, Charts, Printing and Conditional.
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MS-PowerPoint 2007
PowerPoint is a presentation software program that is part of the Microsoft Office package. This course enables users create a dynamic presentation by using the features available in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. It uses a graphical approach for presentations in the form of a slide show. It provides a complete set of tools for creating powerful presentations and is widely used as an effective tool for training purpose in business and classrooms.
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MS-Word 2007
This course enables the users to produce professional-looking documents using the features available in Microsoft Word 2007. Microsoft Office Word 2007 provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating and formatting your document in a new interface. Rich Review, Commenting and Comparison capabilities help you quickly gather and manage feedback from colleagues. Advanced data integration ensures that documents stay connected to important sources of business information. Microsoft Word 2007 also provides Screen Tips for every button. It also gives you a brief description of the function of any button on the Ribbon by hovering the mouse over the button. It also shows keyboard shortcuts.
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