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The Communication Process – Key elements

Posted by Vandana Kaveti On Thursday, March 8, 2012 @ 04:49 AM

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Communication is a process which involves transmission of message or exchange of ideas between the communicator and the recipient. And it is a process which uses a set of medium to transfer the information, ideas, facts and opinions from the communicator to the recipient. Communication process starts with the communicator and come to an end with the receiver of the message. It is a process where the exchange of ideas between communicator and the receiver takes place. It includes the key elements such as sender, message, encoding, channel, recipient, decoding (translating the message) and receiving feedback. Let’s see the key elements of communication process in detail.

  • Sender: is the person who initiates the communication process or the person who intends to send out a message through a proper medium. An effective communication depends on the skills, knowledge, perception and culture of the communicator. The communicator must know the receiving and understanding capabilities of the receiver.
  • Message: is the subject, theme, topic of any communication process, it includes the information, ideas, and suggestions which a person desires to share with the other person. The messages can be verbal and non verbal form; it is communicated to meet the needs of the receiver or audience. Communication doesn’t takes place when the recipient is not able to understand and interpret the message.
  • Encoding: is a process of putting together the thoughts, ideas and information into symbols, language, pictures or actions of the communicator so that the recipient would translate the same message as expected by the sender. Encoding requires a great deal of effort in formulating a message and the meaning should be understood by the receiver. In this process it is the key for the communicator to use the symbols which are familiar to the recipient. The best way a communicator can encode is by visualizing the message from the recipient’s point of view.
  • Channel: is the means of the communication through which the message is delivered from the sender to the receiver of the message. Communication channel can be of any form it can be of spoken, verbal, and media like TV and radio. Success and failure of the communication depends on the right selection of the channel.
  • Recipient: is the person who receives the message and gives the feedback through a medium or the channel. Receiver can be a person or the group of audience and should possess the same orientation as the sender. Recipient plays a key role in the communication process. Effective Communication takes place only when the reaction and response of the receiver is that which is expected by the communicator.
  • Decoding: This step of the process is where the recipient compares and translates the message to their prior experience or external stimuli in order to make the symbols meaningful. Both verbal and non verbal cues help in creating the final message. It also includes how the recipient comprehends the message given by the sender and how he internalizes it. Communication can be successful only when the recipient is able to decode and correctly interpret the message.
  • Feedback: can be given by both the sender and the receiver, either by the spoken words or in the symbolic form. It is the reaction or the response of the information transmitted to the receiver, and allows the communicator to assess the efficiency of the message and to know whether the receiver has understood the message or not. Feedback plays an important role in communication process because it tells how the message has been interpreted.

Communication is a process where the exchange of information takes place. As the communication process consists of several elements it cannot take place if any one of the elements doesn’t exist.

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