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Success at the Speed of Learning!

Posted by Ayesha Habeeb Omer On Thursday, November 19, 2009 @ 05:00 AM

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When I was a kid, I used to look forward to complete my schooling, thinking that once I come in college I will party. But that was not the case! I had to do more learning in order to face the competitive exams. Once I got my admission in MBA, I decided that I will never study or see the sight of the books once I finish MBA. But God had other plans for me. When I started searching for job, I realized it was difficult for to get a breakthrough in the financial sector as I was not a Chartered Accountant. I couldn’t wait to get the right job, so I started teaching MBA Students in the university. Guess what? I started studying again in order to teach. And the worst part was I could not skip any topic and had to learn entire syllabus in order to teach effectively. And then I enrolled for my PhD, :( so more learning for another 5 years.

After successfully teaching management students for two years, I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I just thought it was end of my learning and studying. I along with my partner started CommLab India, an eLearning company. Guess what, we had to learn and study all sought of subjects starting from Mechanical Engineering to Software applications to develop effective elearning courses.

The reason I wanted to share my experience is to demonstrate that if you need to be successful, you need to learn, unlearn and relearn. If you want an edge over others, If you want to keep pace with the growing needs of competitive world, if you want to have a place as a leader – one qualification is that you need to be an effective learner. You should learn at a lighting speed.

With technology it is easier to be updated with latest happening. Use these tips to enhance your learning and build an attitude of Life Long Learning!

  • Use Google Alerts and Reader for latest updates in the area of your expertise
  • Read 30-60 minutes a day about your field, it will be equivalent to reading 50 books a year!
  • Listen to audio programs
  • Attend course seminars
  • Take online courses to update your skills

Dedicate Yourself to Life Long Learning!

Would like to hear your experience about how you used learning to achieve greater heights in your career!

Happy learning!

Ayesha Habeeb Omer, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

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Success at the Speed of Learning!

Patrick Rossi

I belive there is no end to learning. My formal education is as a chemist and I practiced chemistry for several years and moved into purchasing and have spend the rest of my career in procurement/supply chain. I seek out every opportunity to learn more about skills I already have or new skills which will make me more attractive in 2010 and beyond. Life is about gaining and sharing knowledge. One of my greatest pleasures is to share my expereinces and expertise with others – whether formally (classroom) or informally (one-on-one). I hope to continue to learn everyday for the rest of my life. As an example, blogging is new to me; this is the third or fourth reply I’ve made in the past week or so.

This article reminds me of two people. One a mathematician who is afraid (or actually dislikes) computers. So only recently did he start using MatLab and other mathematical analysis programs. Another a lawyer that still dictates his writing and finds people to “key stroke” them into blogs and e-Mail. Is this funny? Not at all, it’s a point of view that progress (actually innovation) is bad or is out to get you. You think that learning is a hard task so you come up with a “method” to ease the pain. Progress and innovation is not here to make your life hard. Learning is not either. If that was the case, the Internet would not be that interesting. WikiPedia is now a tool used in university courses to show students how to publish. They usually complain about the technical issues (formatting) more than writing and researching. Students and “grow ups” who enjoy their profession do not need methods (tips) to keep up with new things. Blogs are a testament to how much people enjoy writing and learning AND TEACHING !

Khalid Shamlan

Dear Ayesha,

In my early days of college in ’84 in Chemistry class 101, the teacher asked an old, gray-hair lady who must be in her 60′s if she related to the young man next to her. She confirmed that he is her son!! She went to explain that she took care of the family by working and supporting 6 kids till they grew and became independent of her. So she started school again (40 years later) with her last kid! It was astonishing experience to me.

6 years later, after my father’s death, I witnessed a similar event. This time it is very close to me; my dear Mother. She has lived all her life illiterate; not a single letter that she knew. She decided to start school and learn. She spent 8 years in school and now she can read write perfectly. What a well for these ladies.

As for me, I kept on learning and telling everyone, kids and grownups that learning is a journey that stops ONLY at the graveyard!

Scholar Ali Tantawi, bless his soul, once complained that he cannot read now more than 8-hours a day. He was in his eighties then and died 2 month later!

Learning and Breathing go together.

Thank you for stirring the still waters with this subject.

All the best.

You make it sound like learning is a bad thing. Now I can understand disliking exams, grades, and some of the other things that often go along with learning, but learning, itself, is a very pleasant experience; it is not something to be avoided or done grudgingly. In fact, I subscribe to a number of technical publications via Google Reader and will frequently go through them and read them, not because I have to, but because I enjoy learning about all the new technologies and innovations as well as how to apply them. I think Ami’s remarks hit it right on the mark; “Progress and innovation is not here to make your life hard. Learning is not either…. Students and ‘grow ups’ who enjoy their profession do not need methods (tips) to keep up with new things.”

Tyrone Tellis


You need to realise there’s a difference between studying and learning. You can study without learning anything and also you can learn without ever studying.

The same thing as getting an education and a degree. Studying something usually implies a forced effort for other goals- a degree, a better salary etc

On the other hand learning is more voluntary and for more broader but dare I say higher goals- self improvement, knowledge, mental growth.

We should never stop learning but we can decide to stop studying. Learning is an on-going process while studying is for a short term maybe even several years but still shorter than your life right?


Thank you all for your valuable inputs. I look forward to your contribution in our upcoming blogs. When we learn, we can contribute to this world. If we want to be successful, we should be committed to Life Long Learning!



Daniel Webster

After Graduate school I was happy to be able to read and study only those things that I wanted to read and study. However, for me to advance in a job I found myself back in college getting new knowledge of subjects that I needed. I later returned to study beginning engineering courses.

I am constantly learning. I read and study information in the areas of technology, spirituality, politics, physiology, and many other areas. I am one that believes that learning will never stop, even after death. Therefore,the more knowledge that I gain here the less that I will have to learn there. And I expect that the learning there will be a lot more exciting and enlightening.

To stop learning is to allow someone else to think for you. When this happens we lose our individual freedoms and ability to make meaningful change, or to engage in meaningful conversations.

My Father limited his learning at a very young age because he hated school. Today he has dementia/Alzheimer’s in the early stages. He has began to lose the little bit that he had. With the reduction in his sight and hearing as well, I can only feel sorry that he wasted so much that was available to him, and now there is nothing for him to really hold on to. If I end up with his same fate I would hope that I would be able to feel grateful for all that I took the time to learn, and sorry that the knowledge inside is unable to now make itself manifest.

The other reason that I continue to seek new knowledge is to be able to teach others. All who want to learn must have two things. One – a desire to learn, and two – a teacher. That teacher may be a book, or an individual or an experience. In either instance, if there is no one to go before, then the mistakes must be made by the individual. That is a terribly painful way to gain knowledge. I am grateful that there were others to provide me with the opportunity to learn so that I made advance beyond them and to teach others as well.

Thank you Daniel for your valuable comments.



I think there is no end to learning….
It is an ongoing process, with or without your consent.
We live in a world where learning is a common ladder for anyone’s success.We need to develop our learning curve in such a manner so as to gain maximum knowledge with the least effort.
I have been using this technique for quite a few years now and have seen a major change in my life & work style.Learning has helped me overcome barriers, improve vision and processes to lead a successful life.

Is there any end to learning? –

The day I stop learning Im dead. Read more in an article I wrote on October 5th:

“Learning an access to having it all?”

Catarina’s World –

I hope there is no end to learning!

With all the opportunities available to us to gather information and new tools and vehicles for applying it, I think learning is as exciting as ever. I do think it will be interesting to see how learning methodologies adapt to our new environment. For example, teaching skills on effective ways to gather information and teaching the skills needed to effectively evaluate and determine the worth of information are more important now in my opinion.

Thank you all of you once again for your valuable insight. Really appreciate it.



I wish I had more time on this planet to learn. The more I watch the discovery channel and travel the more I find interesting and want to learn about, let alone my professional stuff I need to learn. I love it all, give me more !!


I have the time how.Iam retired and this is a very good question.
The learning never has and ending if the person cut this he or she will stay behind in the new skill .This world of the web is very complicated for the person that doesnt know .But it the way we are now.Or you get up date or you go out of web.Every year come out something new and that is the most interesty part of this.Thank you

Thank you Steve and Iris for your comments. I agree with Steve, learning gives you a great kick to be alive!


I have just entered the B.E college a month ago.
Till now i felt like the same way you felt to enjoy in the college.
I recon which is not here. Can you suggest me when is the right time to party then. Hoping to follow your advice.

Wow. Your statistic about reading 30-60 mins a day = 50 books blows my mind! Interesting blog post. I agree with everyone else: stop learning and life passes you by.

Thank you Sheri for the comment!


I think the moment a person looses the yearning for learning it is the end of his learning.But any end can be a new begining ,untile he starts the journey of the life after,if there is one!

It’s good to love learning, especially if you’re self-employed in the arts!

During my career, I’ve had instrumental and vocal classical and jazz training, brushed up on writing and session presentation skills, learned commercial music composing and production, notation, graphics and video software, some W. African dance and music, Indian music (we use system of ta-ka-di-mi to teach rhythm), Joomla CMS, MAMP, marketing…

Constantly brushing up old skills, I also enjoy adding new ones. Learning is vital to my existence. It’s also great fun! I hope it never stops.

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